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Ginuwine Holler lyrics is the 4th song on the album "Ginuwine... The Bachelor" by Ginuwine. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Ginuwine Sees Boost in Sales from "Magic Mike"".
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Holler by Ginuwine


Baby Holler...If you want me

Baby Holler...If you hear me

Baby Holler...If you want me

Baby Holler...If you need me


*Verse One*

It ain't no thing just call my name

I'll be right there coz nuthin's changed

I'm still in love with you I'm sprung

You're my baby-boo

Girl I'm tellin you

Girl you drive my train you rule

I'm your pet tell me what to do

Girl I'm good in my heart I'm real

Girl you turn me on with your sex appeal

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(All you gotta do is scream and holler babe)

(C'mon and call me I'll be right there Yes I will)


*Verse Two*

I'll be there coz I'm your man

Sure to give you all I am

Give you all I got to give

Girl I'm feelin' you hope you feel me too

Have no limits What I do

Is strictly for just pleasing you

No need to doubt please have no fear

Girl I'm wanting you and I'll be right here



(All you gotta do is scream out my name yes you do)

(All I gotta do is see you and I'll come running)

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