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Only fuckin' with them A-listin' models

Now let's get it like

Low did it if you done it

Then I did it

If you kick it

Then I'm with it

We can do this shit all night

Your minute don't compare to my limit

When I'm in it and I get it

I'm a give it to you all night

I'm the shit yeah I go hard

Don't stand in lines nigga I bogart

Fat boy celebrity 'cause I'm so large

And don't need no battery cause I'm in charge

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[Chorus - Tyga & Chris Brown]

Holla at me boo Holla at me beh [x3]

I'm turn't up I'm super turn't up [x2]



[Verse 3 - Tyga]

I'm hot mo'fucka get a plate bitch

Don't say shit get your face lift

Rozay bitch let tha champagne drip

Niggas swag jack but this L.A. shit

Get it back give it back ain't 'bout shit

Snap back them ain't even rare where the tag a what

Wack ass all up in my ear bitch bag back

I bag bad bitches mo'fucka Kat Stacks

Yellow nigga no cabs

Got the phantom out no mats

Get your camera out uh one flash

Hot beams steady shot clap your ass

Aw T. raw I'm so uh

Loc's on chucks low black beanie dog

Patron top wash straight from the liquor store

I'm turnt up I can't feel my face so


[Chorus - Tyga & Chris Brown]

Holla at me boo Holla at me beh [x3]

I'm turn't up I'm super turn't up [x2]



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