Hilary Duff Plans To Have New Single for Spring 2014

Hilary Duff revealed plans to put out a single in Spring 2014, from her upcoming album. Hilary Duff Plans To Have New Single for Spring 2014

Throughout fall, Hilary Duff has been implying she plans a return to music. However, beyond a few vague statements about what she plans to do and an Instagram photo, we haven’t known much.

The former Disney star went on Toronto’s Breakfast Television on December 4, and during her interview, she touched on her plans for new music: “I think by Spring I should have a single.”

She then went onto discuss the sound, saying: “The first six songs I’ve done have all been really dancey and upbeat, uplifting, happy stuff. So now I’m getting into the moody. It’s important to have that fine balance and show all your sides. It’s got a bit of an indie, dance feel.”

Depending when Duff plans to release her comeback album, there’s a good chance it would be her first in seven years. The release follows 2007’s Dignity, which didn’t do too poorly on the charts but sold far less than Metamorphosis and her other studio albums. Between these points, the former Lizzie McGuire actress has maintained a fairly low presence, having a child and getting back into shape.

In previous interviews, she implied the album could have an EDM sound, as she’s been listening to this style: "I'm exploring a lot of cool options & don't want to give a timeline yet but I promise exciting stuff is coming.. I'm super into EDM. Definitely catchy hooks I've always cared a lot abt lyrics & love to dance!"

As well, her Instagram account in September shows a black and white photo of her recording in a studio. A news source revealed this was a session at The Lair Studio with Billy Mann for song “Better Days.”

Written on Dec 06 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: hilary duff


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