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High As A Kite by Nicki Minaj


Hello world!

Young moola baybee!



Murda dem

Murda dem

This one word bout to

Get through to them

Ima kick kick game to ninja nikki




Im such a yes

And yur a no no

Look what you draggin

We're a komono

Im from tha filipine

Better than billy jean

Cuz that is why i get more head th

An a guillotine.

But then im dumb stuck

Cuz yu bums suck

Where tha um

Where tha fuck is my nunja

Im in tokyo

With tha cokio

Somebody sleepin in mah bed like nokio

Yu gettin ill i bet

Poppin tha pill again

Im on tha illaman im

Lookin for gilligan

Where mah timberland

Im done tremblin

Cnt find mah keys but i know i hear them jinglin

Each marliyn

Monroe and manson

Im guessing heroin

When i go dancing

Yu at tha door ok

Im bout to come now

Im getting numb now

Let me come now

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Sippin on some good blow {nikki minaj!}

Its like im sippin on tha temple

& i cnt come down now {its tha president ya'll & its tha mistress}

Cuz im higher than higher than higher than a kite

Young moola baby.




I do what i does

I come thru this bitch

Risk blue and cuz

Im so 5 star su woop to tha bloods

And before i had a mirror i knew who i was

I know where im goin

I knew where i was

Da da da dirty dirty south

See my shoe full of mud

Baby who can yu trust?

Who can yu love when love kills like somebody gave cupid a gun

They go bow

Like they shooting for fun

& sometimes tha solution is execution for some

Besides yu dnt want tha intrusion at one a.m

And tha conclusion is yu losing a son

No inducing mah funds

I smoke tha fruitiest blunts

I mean tha stupidest buds

I get stupid as duh

I swear mah dubia is uh

Fat and just like it yu cn get licked

Shit dont stank when yu shitting in tha bank

When her man run an errand ima hit her like hey

Look him in tha eye and tha nikka might blink

Amen and grind and the nikka might pay




Sippin on some good blow {young money}

Its like im sippin on tha temple {dirty money}

& i cnt come down now {cash money}

Cuz im higher than higher than higher than a kite {young moola baby}

Its tha president mane…and the mistress. ms. nicki



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