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Basement Jaxx Hey U lyrics is the 6th song on the album "Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest" by Basement Jaxx. The "Hey U" lyrics by Basement Jaxx are displayed below.
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Hey U by Basement Jaxx

I want you

There's not a single thing about you that I'd change

I need you

You can go swimming round and round inside my brain


You're so much brighter

Than all the shops and city streets

You're a fighter

And that shows who's good to me

Like a fool

I still believe in you and me boy(Chorus)

Hey U

Hey U

Don't waste your tears on me

Now think of love

It always gets you in the endI'm sorry

I know I messed up quite a bit along the way

We learned things hard

And as soon as we forgot just how to play

But I wanna take ya

From all this grind and all this grief

Want to help ya

To be all that you can be

Chase it out

Your desire goes to me boy

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We fall and we flounder

Need something to ground ya

Took so long to find ya

But then when it clicked you just flew

(Will I ever sing our song again?)

Badum ba dum ba dum ba bum


(Chorus x2)

Don't go and break your heart

I always told you from the start

Now think of love

It always gets you in the end

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Hey U Song Lyrics Meanings

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