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Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Smoking on the beat with my backpack on

And my snapback on with the rap back on uhuh

Beautiful girls wearing high heels

Asking how I feel I feel I uhuh


Thats when you walk by

Im like damn you fly

And I was like uhuh

You ask me where Im from

And iw as say C-C-C-anada uhuh

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Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Uhuh uhuh yeah

Uhuh uhuh oh yeah

Uhuh uhuh oh yeah


Hey girl hey girl hey girl X 5

Oh yeah X 4


Louis Vuittons on your feet

Take them off and make me say uhuh

Oh the curves got me going crazy crazy crazy crazy uhuh

Let me ask you girl where your mind is

Let me just tell youre the flyest uhuh


Uhuh uhuh yeah

Uhuh uhuh oh yeah

Uhuh uhuh oh yeah X4


Hey girl hey girl hey girl X 5

Oh yeah X 4.

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