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Here We Go by Eminem

Nah man not quite finished yet! Haha? Whoo!


Bitch I ain't in the mood for this shit

Get my dick Google it til it pops up

Y'all just so motherfuckin full of shit that you stopped up

Me I'm always shittin diarrhea outta mouth

Til your speakers crap out pfft huh what?

Girl you got a hot butt like a lit cigarette

(chig-cigarette) But you won't get a hot fudge sundae

From me so don't strut my way slut because




Now here we go go go!


Verse 3


And now that I got your panties in a bunch

And your bowels in an uproar

I'mma show you why I came

So you stop asking me what the fuck for

Now look you little slut cunt whore

I know you want more

Bitch its time to put the math back

Into Mathers cuz I'm a fuckin (problem) run boy

Every flow got it mastered

So every last word

That you fuckin fags heard

Come straight from the fishes ass

Yeah in other words I'm a bass turd

Lookin at me like I killed Kenny

Gas in the tank yeah still plenty

No morals are instilled in me

So remorse I really don't feel any

Eat your heart out Hannibal understandable

Why you're jealous fuckin animal

I got cannibal magnetism

Can't resist em now can you hoe

Shady I don't understand your flow understand my flow?

Bitch I flow like Troy Polamalu's hair boy

Don't you dare try to follow or compare boy

I'm raw you ain't even medium rare

Stay the fuck outta my hair boy

You can look you can stare and point

But you can't touch I'm to clairvoyant

I don't get it man is there a void

All this weak shit what am I steroids?

Well bitch I'm back with some shit for that ass

And your trunk elephant (hemorrhoids)

And remember boys

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Now here we go go go!


Thank you for coming out!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Until next time? haha


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Here We Go Song Lyrics Meanings

David Walters 10p 11 months ago

I have been waiting 3 long years for these lyrics, than you so damn much!


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