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John Fogerty Headlines lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Eye Of The Zombie" by John Fogerty. The "Headlines" lyrics by John Fogerty are displayed below.
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Headlines by John Fogerty

Yeah hey! what you talkin' about?


I read it in the paper today

Two cats howlin' 'til the break of day.

Up on the back fence they're makin' a play;

One stepped across the line the other blew him away.


Up in the morning down the road 'n I'm gone;

Been with my sweetie we was up all night long.

My head is throbbin' man I gotta find a song

The radio depress me tell me what's goin' on?



Headlines screamin' everywhere I go;

Headlines like I really want to know;

Headlines gotta million ways to say

Another crazy day headlines.

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I saw it on the 6:30 news

Some freakin' deacon wearin' military shoes;

He's mad at me buddy he's mad at you

He's gonna drop the big one and there's nothin' I can do.




Oh! just another crazy day.

Do do do do.


Up on the mountain man I'm feelin' alright

Been to the temple and I'm sleepin' at night.

Here come a stranger need a paper to light

Man he's bustin' with the news about the fightin' tonight.





Oh! oh yeah! oh yeah!

Whoa! think I'll play all night!

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