Hayden Panettiere Releases "Telescope" Video

The actress portrays country music up-and-comer Juliette Barnes on ABC's "Nashville" Hayden Panettiere Releases "Telescope" Video

ABC’s new hit show, Nashville, is all about the Music City and the drama that may (or may not!) be going down behind the scenes.  One scandalous character is the young, up-and-comer, Juliette Barnes who is portrayed by Hayden Panettiere.

Of course, with it being a song about the music industry, there has to be, well, music and the actors/actresses are expected to do their best to convince us that they really are connected to these fictional chart-toppers.

As a result, Panettiere released her debut video for a song that will be appearing on the Nashville soundtrack.  The song is called “Telescope” and, judging from the video and subject matter, it seems to support the actress’ claim that she tries to channel Carrie Underwood in the series. 

In the clip, she’s seen tying up a man and dragging him around on the floor and then very clearly lets him know that there’s nothing he can ever do to trick or hide anything from her.

The theme might be a throwback to “Before He Cheats” but, really, that’s about as close as the comparison can get.  Panettiere is not very believable as a sexy singing vixen, mostly because she lacks that personal connection to the song.  When an artist records a song and knows that their success depends on it, there’s a different level of commitment to it.  In this video, Panettiere looks like an actress pretending to be a singer but it is, after all, for a television show so, in that light, it’s not too bad.

Check it out for yourself:

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