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Young Buck Hard Hitters lyrics is the 10th song on the album "Tip" by Young Buck. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Young Buck Gets Three Years for Weapons Charge".
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Hard Hitters by Young Buck

[featuring: d-tay first born rizin sun]


You can smoke one to the head to this

Rizin sun young buck (what) first born (what) and d-tay

Them four hard hitters nigga and we back

Another dope track know what i'm sayin' what yo


[verse 1]

Yo we them hard hitters

Them drag you out the yard niggaz

Bout to squab triggers

That leave you in the dark nigga

We raw nigga

Them same superstar nigga

Them anytime goin' right ain't no bar nigga

We blow figures

To show you who the boss nigga

That drops niggaz

With the chrome moss nigga

You lost nigga

See t.i.p. don't like the game

Ya get outta line and t.i.p. gon' like they aim


[verse 2]

Is it my turn to show them niggaz we be stars on tracks

Start up beef we in yo front yard with gats

So don't go with that we leave you flat paralyzed from the neck

With a motherfuckin' hole in ya back

It ain't my fault if you balled hard

Start slimin' up the walls leave him in his draws

Nigga you know the protocol

We were born for hard ball

Stealin' cars and livin' life hard ya heard me

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If y'all gon' ride with me get high with me

Then go and get the straps nigga gunfire with me

You'll die quickly when we apply all fifty

My real niggaz hard hitters they ride with me

If y'all gon' ride with me get high with me

Then go and get the straps nigga gunfire with me

You'll die quickly when we apply all fifty

My real niggaz hard hitters they die with me


[verse 3]

We did it all in our lifetime

Dealin' drugs bustin' them slugs

Runnin' with thugs when it get down to them broads

They ain't showin' no love

Put his face in the mud

Fuckin' with the hard hitters d-tay my nigga

Got contracts to get 'em lyrical spitter

We slaved on the figures found out who's better

From nashville to chucktown we go round for round

City to city and then we knock it down


[verse 4]

Yeah we'll lock it down

Then we hit these niggaz spot up with fifty rounds

The best pound for pound

Representin' the town

That'll clown when it's time for the showdown better slow down

(d-tay unload the four pound)

This shit's about to go down nigga

Whoa now leave these niggaz shit tore down

Whole town be locked down

Got the whole world shocked now

T.i.p. on top now




[verse 5]

I'll put it all on the line for these gangsta ass niggaz of mine

First born d-tay we hard hitters combined

Talk shit and ya dyin' if ya think that i'm lyin'

Ask that nigga named bryan caught six in the spine

And we ain't hard to find we just sleep in the daytime

After the sunshine we duckin' for war time

You said you want what now

See go to war nigga hard hitters we buck wild

Just us four niggaz

See we live for gunfire kick in ya door nigga

If we come at lunchtime we afternoon killers

Who that playa with mine

Must be some new niggaz

Who done did some time and wanna mitch new figures

Get the tools niggaz let's show the world how we abuse niggaz

Cock back the hammer and just shoot nigga

All for the loot nigga

We ain't no cute niggaz

Tryin' to knock boots nigga

We out here choosin' nigga




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