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Haystak Hard 2 Love lyrics is the 12th song on the album "Hard 2 Love" by Haystak. The "Hard 2 Love" lyrics by Haystak are displayed below.
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Hard 2 Love by Haystak

It's like you think you know me.

But you don't really know me.

And one day you gon' wake up and figure that out.

And when that day comes

I'm thinkin you'll prolly leave.


Now I don't know how long my forevers gon' be

But I invite you to come and spend mine with me.

And I'm a do my best to see that we live happily

And you just keep what's left when somethin happens to me.

I'm lookin for someone to marry me

Take care of me

And bury me.

These days that's a rarity but I can guarantee.

If I broadcast live from deep within me

God will send me someone only divinity can ever get the credit for.

And I can take her from the hood to tha gucci store.god give her an og' fo a daddy

Bad broad for her momma.

From tank tops and thongs to them prada pajamas.

And I'm a be awake when I'm posed to be asleep.

Cause my minds on my money

And I know when I'm a be.

What I so?

I'm a be some shit be heavily medicated.

Huh that's they opinion to me I'm just dedicated.

Motivated by the thoughts of empty mouths

Nightmares and comin home to an empty house.

I know what it is to see somethin fail titanic.

Built a castle and watched it colapse in front of me.

My daughter she survived the tragedy.

The aftermath and my attempt at a family

So don't sit up here and talk about what I already know.

Or sit up here and act as though you would never go.

You like you would never ever pack ya bags and leave

I'm not comparin you to her

It's a reaction of me.

People take all they can take and I just run em away.

Even I can't believe some of the stuff that I say.

The holes in the walls can easily be fixed with mud.

The holes in us can only be repaired with love.

But they can only be mended

They can never be fixed.

Because people forgive you but they can never forget.

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And I'm never lettin anybody get me again.


Now if you never been in love

This irrelvant to you.

If you there pray for me

And I'm a pray for you too.

Babygirl I'm trynna see

All of yo dreams real.

So try to understand how my size 14's feel.

I need anotha female like a hole in the head

And if I eva caught you cheatin it'd be holes in the bed.

And holes in the head

Of a man caught up in the middle

Of a good thang gone bad

I ain't sorry for it uh.

But I can never invision

You betrayin me

The one you don't suspect

That's the one it's gon' be.

No trust otha than my trust in god

Cause everyone I ever trusted has broke my heart.

I keep my guard up

And it can neva be lowered

You can neva sucka punch me I'm forever lookin for it.

You go through the bad just to get to the good.

Somethin I wish more people understood.



I'm hard to love

Some say I'm hard to like

But I been through alotta thangs and I'm scarred for life.

I got bruises on my spirit dents in my chin.

And I'm never lettin anybody get me again.


You ever seen two old people walkin in the rain

One of em got the body and the otha got the brains.

Dang they prolly got grandkids my age

People don't love like that these days.

They too quickly say forget it

Turn it away and leave it.

To the point of where that love

Is nothin but a image.

Lights and smoke 2 way mirrors.

So the people on the outside don't see errors.

And you can no longer create the fascade?

And you done talked to everybody about it but god.

She gon' make mistakes.

But so will you.

You shouldn't say nothing that you wouldn't want her to

Say to you if you was in the spot she's in.

Love makes exceptions and takes direction

Babygirl just hold me down for now

Before you know it you'll be married to a whole new ground?



I'm hard to love

Some say I'm hard to like

But I been through alotta thangs and I'm scarred for life.

I got bruises on my spirit dents in my chin.

And I'm never lettin anybody get me again.


I'm hard to love.


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