Hanson Prepares for New Single, Album, Tour

After over a decade out of the mainstream spotlight, Hanson is gearing up for a new single, album, and tour. Hanson Prepares for New Single, Album, Tour

Although they continued to record since their 1990s heyday, Hanson fell off the radar. During the period between Middle of Nowhere and the present, the brothers known for single “MMMBop” went independent after having label issues with Island Def Jam and now have nine children between them. As of last month, Taylor Hanson, who put out music with ‘90s super group Tinted Windows just a few years ago, turned 30. Now, the three are preparing for a new album, called Anthem, a new single, and a tour.

“Get The Girl Back” drops April 9, with the video already out. The track sounds far more mature than the material released during their teenybopper days, with the video starring 2 Broke Girls’ Kat Dennings and Twilights’ Nikki Reed and filmed at a Los Angeles club.

Anthem hits stores on June 18. In speaking about the album with VH1, Taylor jokingly talked about their process, saying: “You start by making a musical decision and then you realize that you’ve created yet another reason for someone to stand in the crowd and go, ‘More cowbell!’”

Hanson’s mainstream career, which included reaching success in the mid-1990s after two independently-released albums, came to a halt once Island Def Jam took over Mercury Records’ artist roster. It’s said that the brothers put together 80 possible songs for Island Def Jam, whose label executives claimed none were a hit. Because of the creative differences, Hanson departed with the label, releasing all albums independently for over the past decade.

If you have yet to hear the song or see the video, see “Get The Girl Back” below:

Written on Apr 07 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: hanson


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