Green Day Will Release Documentaries With Trilogy Albums

Fans were already excited about three albums but now two movies are also on the way. Green Day Will Release Documentaries With Trilogy Albums

Green Day are preparing for the launch of their three-album trilogy, Uno!, Dos! and Tre! Which will be released between late September and the middle of January, 2013.  As if that isn’t ambitious and impressive enough, the band is also creating two documentaries to compliment the release – the first will chronicle the creation of the epic album set and the second will include vintage footage that predates Dookie.  Crazy!

Frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, explains:  "It's not going to be the sitting down, head shot of me going, 'We started out blah blah blah'. We wanted to get into lifestyles of rock 'n' roll and playing rock n roll and letting the story kind of tell itself rather than create revisionist (history)."

I’m sure fans will love this but, also, if it is done right, it could be very interesting for other audiences too, especially since they are hoping to premiere the movie at the Sundance Film Festival.  Footage will include a glimpse of the band as they rehearse before heading to Japan and Europe for a few festival dates.

The first Green Day single from the upcoming albums, "Oh Love," will be released July 16; "Uno!" comes out Sept. 25.

Written on Jul 10 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: green day


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