Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Goes Ballistic On Stage

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong went ballistic on stage in Las Vegas last night, telling concert goers he isn't Justin Bieber. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Goes Ballistic On Stage

The crowd in attendance at the iHeartRadio Festival last night in Las Vegas caught quite a show when Green Day’s front man Billie Joe Armstrong had an onstage meltdown. The longtime rocker was in the midst of performing ‘Basket Case’ when he was flagged by concert organizers that he had one minute left to his performance due to the event running behind.

Going ballistic, Armstrong went on a tirade, insulted by the warning and his lack of time that was being cut short to accommodate performances by both Rihanna and Usher.  According to E! Online, the artist lost his cool, smashing his guitar and flipping off the cameras.

He then made a reference to Justin Bieber while telling officials and the crowd what he thought about being told to finish up his on stage performance.  "Oh, f--k this s--t. I'm gonna play a f--king new song….Give me a f--king break," Armstrong said to the crowd. "One minute left. One minute f--king left. You're gonna give me one f--king minute? Look at that f--king sign right there — one minute. Let me f--king tell you something, let me tell you something, I've been around since f--king 198-f-cking-8. And you're gonna give me one f--king minute? You've gotta be f--king kidding me! You're f--king kidding me. What the f--k! I'm not f--king Justin Bieber, you motherf--kers…I got one minute—one minute left. Oh, now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one f--king minute f--king means. One minute. God f--king love you all. We'll be back."

Since his onstage meltdown, Billie Joe Armstrong, the band or their reps have yet to comment.

Written on Sep 22 2012 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: green day onstage meltdown ballistic iHeart Radio


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