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"Grammy Family" Video Review

Kanye's chip is colossal on what purports to be a celebration of his gold trophy run this year, but turns out to be one of the angriest songs he's ever made. Could be the company he expects to keep on Khaled's tape of clapper rappers, but it's more likely he's of that rare breed that feels more disrespected the more respect they get. Kanye's always had a touch of spoiled-kid, but when the man who decried homophobia in rap a year ago throws an unnecessary "faggot" in the verse, it's on another level. That the word stands out in one of his meanest and cleanest verses says a lot about what we expect of Kanye and probably more about the accomplishment-negating factor of a pink Polo in certain circles. But whatever, Trick Daddy's been talking about Ralph Lauren longer than he's been making conch fritters, so Kanye should relax; he's among friends.

But if Kanye's bad moods mean more grittiness of this ilk, then let's hope he has a bad year. Take "Crack Music", extract the melody, add shrieking seagulls and a bit more urgency, and you've got Mr. West's idea of fun in the Miami sun. Forget Jon Brion, this sounds more like the pre-service warm-up of a funeral organist. Shopping-bag-carrier Consequence is no star but a solid sidekick, and John Legend saves the open-shirted crooning for the award shows and just sings the gloomy hook. I don't know if this heralds a darker direction for the G.O.O.D. family, or simply stems from a particularly cranky day in the studio, but it's a smart response to the pop music that actually won the Grammys in question.

-- Peter Macia


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Dj Khaled - Grammy Family