Gotye Talks Next Single

In an interview with ‘Billboard,’ Gotye discusses plans and pressures to release a “Somebody That I Used To Know” follow-up. Gotye Talks Next Single

How an act follows up its first major hit determines the path of their career. A poor sophomore effort turns a potential chart-topping superstar into next year’s one-hit wonder. What do you think could be for Gotye, of “Somebody That I Used To Know”?

The multi-instrumentalist born Wally De Backer doesn’t know, either. However, in a recent interview with Billboard, he mentioned he has been pressured to put “Making Mirrors” out as the follow-up. Instead, he wants “State of the Art,” a more experimental track, but he goes onto state: "It's one of my favorites. It's a peculiar pop song and is probably the most unique song on the record."

Should he be cautious and consistent or try something newer and riskier? He said: "I think it would be a better idea to be bolder and pick that song and just see how people really take that."

In his interview, Gotye discussed future projects, which may not even start until a year from now. One possibility is a project that incorporates audio and visuals. The other is a follow-up album, although he has no material ready to record. As to what he would like for a follow-up, he told Billboard: "I'd like to add a more live feel - people playing in a room together rather than it being collaged together. That's a process I'd like to explore on the coming record."

But, don’t expect a brand-new record out in even 12 months’ time. Fans may need to wait. Currently on tour, he plans to spend time with his family, and then go to record. He explained: "It takes me a while to make records and I've found that as much as I've tried to write on the road in the past, it's never been particularly fruitful. There's too much stimulation. I need to withdraw and in a way be isolated or get a little bit bored to push myself to create things.”

What do you think Gotye’s next single should be? If you aren’t familiar with “State of the Art,” listen to it below:

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