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Joe Go Hard lyrics is the 6th song on the album "Ain't Nothin' Like Me" by Joe. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Michael Jackson's Father Suffers Mild Stroke".
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Go Hard by Joe

Theres A Girl Around Town

For Real Shes Amazing

Hottest Thing Around

No Doubt She Keeps It Right

And The Word That Came Down

Shes Looking For A Date And

She Rocks The Kinda Style

Every Man Loves To See


And I Want To Get That

I Want To Hit That

Gotta Be Wanna Be

Her Latest Lover

Shes The Baddest Ever

Im Here To Tell Ya

That If Its Cool For It

I Know What To Do For Her

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Have You Seen Her

Shes A Superstar

Gotta Meet Her

I Need To See If The Love

Is As Good As It Looks

Ima Roll In Like I Should

And Now Watch Me Go Hard


Real Gs Go Hard

I Really Need Her

I Know I Got A Girl

But I Can Leave Her

Thats The Reason Im On

Got Me Blown

Shes My Favorite

Thing That I Want

And Now Watch Me Go Hard

Real Gs Go Hard


Now The Swagger She Bring

Its The Coldest Thing

She Looks Like A Handful

I Want To Get A Handful

I Gotta Let Her Know In Time

Every Day In Every Way

She Blows My Mind


And I Tell You What

Through Our Conversation

Shell Know Whats Up

See I Dont Play That

So When I Say That

Give Me A Week At The Most

And Ill Be Inside On The Low


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