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"Gives You Hell" Video Review

"Gives You Hell," the 1st single from the upcoming album “When the World Comes Down”, by The All-American Rejects, is an instantly engaging and sticks in the memory like bubblegum.

The lyrics are filled with a cleverly snarky attitude. The attitude of "Dirty Little Secret" is here in full force, and you will likely find yourself singing along. If the chorus wasn't catchy enough, the band accents the point with a crowd singalong to close out the track.

Directed by Marc Webb and co-produced by DNA, the music video revolves around a feud between a happily-ever-after couple and their rocker neighbors.

Tyson Ritter, about the video: "It opens with me laying there looking like a bag of rock and roll hit me, and I get woken up by a light that comes through the window. ... And there's an alternate version of me, like this stiff J.Crew guy, and he's out to get the alternate version of me and our band. It's kind of like 'Bill and Ted, Part 2,' " he explained.

"The video basically pits one neighbor against another terrible neighbor, who lives on a completely opposite schedule. He's not on the grid — he's not on, like the song says, 'a 9-to-5 pace.' And this guy's living the cookie-cutter life, with his white picket fence, and his wife who brings him lemonade when he's washing the car. So it's kind of like the clash of those worlds; only at the end, there's kind of a twist, where the two worlds kind of flip-flop. Yeah."


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The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell