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Give It To Me by Von Tae'

(Verse 1)

Don't be shy I can see it in your eye

That you want a lil piece of the pie

And I can see that you want me bad

Got you feening over what you wish you had

So tonight let me fulfill your fantasy

Sex lust me you and privacy

When you step through the door

(Don't worry about a thing just drop your coat)

Cause I don't wanna waste no time

Boy you got me crazy going outta my mind

Lets skip conversation let's get to it

(Cause ima late night freak let me let me prove it)

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But I don't mind of you want a little bit of foreplay (foreplay)

Baby we can do it your way (your way)

Make your way over to me let's get lost in these sheets



Yea yea it's 3 in the morning

Yea yea I'm kinda feeling lonely

Come on over give it to me cause I want it

Hurry up Wait a minute wait a minute hold up

Give it to me give it to me sho' nufff. Give it to me yea I like it do

It ruff and put it on me baby yea I can't get enough


(Verse 2)

Come to me I can give you what you want

Baby just as long as you don't put up a front

I can show you things you've never seen bet I'll have you coming back for

More of me

I'm hoping you gotta big appetite to make my big ego tonight

Sex me so good drive me outta my mind We can go all night don't worry bout

The time

From the bed all the way down to the floor

Tell me when to stop unless your craving more


(Pre-Chorus & Chorus)


(Talking out chorus)

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