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"Girls" Video Review

The video begins with the coronation of the king of elves, or so it may seem. All the girls come to him, because he probably has access to the coolest toys. If King Richard would have seen what Dappy wears as a crown, he would immediately start a crusade against it.

The lyrics are actually a step down from their earlier efforts, like "Best Behaviour" or "Playing With Fire", with Tulisa rapping about what she can do with men, biologically speaking during a poker match.

Tulsia spoke to the Daily Star, in anticipation of the negative feedback: "I reckon people will be shocked and some won't like it. They'll say, 'You've gone all American.' (But) if you wanna sell records in America, you have to be willing to change your style a little bit. You either like it or lump it and it's better than no album at all."

So, in the end N-Dubz will probably gain more fans then lose them, because the majority knows what it wants.



alex knight 60p 3 years ago

love it


frisky lee 1819p 3 years ago

girls i beep with them.....
typical man song but sty love it N-DUBZ



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