Geoff Tate Unveils "The New Queensryche"

Tate is the original singer and after 30 years with the band, he plans to rebuild. Geoff Tate Unveils "The New Queensryche"

Geoff Tate was fired from Queensryche back in June but he has announced a lineup for what he’s calling “the new Queensryche.”  In the statement, he lists the new members as being himself, Rudy Sarzo, Bobby Blotzer, Glen Drover, Kelly Gray and Randy Gane.

For fans, this was welcome news since everyone was left wondering about who would join him for the Queensryche anniversary tour which was announced last month on Facebook.  Tate fronted the band for three decades so it’s more than fair that he lists the all-star lineup as: "Queensryche Starring Geoff Tate the Original Voice."  

Some of the comments on the post include:

"Nice lineup….can't wait to hear it"

"This could work if they don't diverge from the prog metal style. Solid picks."

"BARF!!!! So, this will be like Guns N' Roses where the band with the name only has the Lead Singer and another band is the original band with a different singer? Hey Geoff, ask Axl how that arrangement is working for him!"

"Horrifying and sad.. rip queensryche, you'll never be what you were.. you will be missed" (Tim Scherer)

"Let's be real for a moment. This new line up isn't Queensryche. It's the Geoff Tate Solo Project. It's not Queensryche. Come up with a different name for the band, Geoff."

Currently, Tate and the other original members of the band are engaged in a lawsuit over the use of the name.  Tate, whose wife, Susan, was Queensryche’s former manager, claims he was fired illegally and that the band’s image would be tarnished by allowing the group to retain the rights and replace him with another lead singer (Crimson Glory’s Todd La Torre).

Written on Sep 04 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: queensryche geoff tate todd la torre


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