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Frenzal Rhomb Genitals Are Funny lyrics is the 13th song on the album "Meet The Family" by Frenzal Rhomb. The "Genitals Are Funny" lyrics by Frenzal Rhomb are displayed below.
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Genitals Are Funny by Frenzal Rhomb

There are some things in nature like

Giffafes when they're having sex that are so funny it's plain

To see.

Some people take offence but my friend darwin

Agrees with me that god has no might

And science is right.

And we're supposedly on top of the evolutionary scale

Most things seem to have them from an insect to a whale.

Genitals are funny they're so funny.

Some people of the moral christian right

They fail to see the joke when adam and eve

Removed their fig leaves.

The holocaust would have turned out incredibly

Differently if on that dark night hitler was

Pantsed on sight.

And if you can't understand or read the humour in

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What i just wrote why don't you take a long hard look

At some testes or a scrote (um)

Genitals are funny they're so funny.

---middle bit---

Some folk amusement from the telling

Of sexest jokes they think they're a clown

While they put people down.

Why is it that what we're born with is percieved

As awfully crude would anything be rude if

We were always nude.

It's the great equaliser it renders us the same

And there's nothing quite as humorous as

Pushing up the brain.

Genitals are funny they're so funny (*4)



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