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Genevieve by Kina Grannis

Genevieve wakes up to the cold that she created

There's a winter in her mind, though outside the snow has faded

And the sun is bright

But she's bundled up tight


Hands deep in her pockets, she walks, she doesn't talk much

To the people that she passes, they wave, but she just looks away

And so it goes everyday



Genevieve, are you lonely?

Cornered in your walls of stone

Genevieve, are you lonely?

You don't have to go alone

Genevieve, no you don't

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Genevieve feels different, she swears no one would understand

The world the way she sees it: a frosty, bitter no-man's-land

No one to hold her hand


But when someone approaches the ice queen with her mittens

Well, she thinks of all the times someone left her heart frost-bitten

So she shakes off the warmth

And gives in to the storm




If you take my hand, we can rewrite your song

Or just melt it in the water before it could be sung

But you're looking out for reasons why you can't trust anyone

Genevieve, won't you please open up and feel the sun?



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