Garbage Starting a Comeback with New Single

Planning a comeback after an absence of five years, Garbage has reunited and is planning a new single for October. Garbage Starting a Comeback with New Single

Seems like a handful of bands that dropped off the charts in the early 2000s are attempting comebacks. First Blink 182, then Eve 6, and now Garbage. According to, Garbage is now mixing tracks for their upcoming album, which will be a follow-up to 2006’s Bleed Like Me. Producer Butch Vig revealed that the band has 24 tracks in rough states and tweeted 12 of them: “Time Will Destroy Everything,” “Blood For Poppies,” “Automatic Systematic Habit,” “Control,” “Lies, Lies, Lies,” “Sugar,” “Not Your Kind Of People,” “T.R.O.U.B.L.E,” “Felt,” “Big Brite World,” “Alone,” and “Animal.”

Track “Time Will Destroy Everything” will feature singer Shirley Manson’s god daughter singing.

News of a Garbage reunion and eventual album started circulating in October 2010, but the band officially announced on Twitter in August that a single is being released: “The song coming out next isn't the first single from the record though! We just finished mixing a track! You're gonna hear it in October! Can't give any more details yet, but we think it sounds great! Can't give any more details yet, but we think it sounds great!

Manson wrote more in detail on Facebook as to what sounds fans should expect when the album hits stores sometime in 2012: “I swear I’m not trying to be arrogant or cocky or anything. I promise I am trying to be realistic and keep things in perspective and all. But when I say that I think we are making the best collection of songs of our career I think I am being honest. They may not be the most cutting edge or the hippest thing or the sound of a decade or any of that sh*t, but I think it is an honest collection of ideas coming from a bunch of freaks and geeks, laying down where we are at and who we are and everything we have been through and, well, the authenticity of that can’t be debated. We are who we are. This is what we are. Collectively. And we are proud of it. And we hope you can relate. And if you can’t… well I guess that’s for us to think about and reflect upon and grow from.”

Written on Sep 11 2011 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: garbage


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