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Game Number Nine by Ray Charles

Y’all looka here...


I said to my self late one night

My line was gettin' rusty

So i thought i'd try game number nine

Cause' it had always been my see


Game number nine was the one where i'd smile

And said some real clever things

Like..."where you been girl all of my life

Hey! you ought to hear me sing"


Now game number nine had never failed me

It was tried tested and true

And game number nine was in action

As i worked my game on this...


Now girl i don't mean no harm but you know

You seemed kind of dumb at first

And i thought a nine just might be to strong

You giggled and smiled and you didn't talk too much

But i knew that wasn't gon' last too long

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You started asking me about my employment

And did i have any traveling plans

And where did i spend most of my nights

Cause' you were lookin' for a full time man


And there was so many things in life that you'd always wanted to do

And of course a man with my intelligence it seemed to fit right nice with you


Now girl remember...

Before to long you started askin' me about a pretty little ring you saw

And i found myself downtown one day walking towards the jewelry store

I said to the man "hey!...i just want to look cause' i ain't ready to buy"

And uh just then you walked up behind me and you said

"can i please try it on for size?"


Now it seemed like only yesterday

That i worked number nine so sweet

But it didn't turn out the way i planned it

As i went down in defeat


Oh i was scared...oh oh


Looka here...

Now nine had always been my best shot

All my partners said it was tough

They all knew about my magic nine

But it was hard to copy my stuff


Now maybe you can tell me honey

Uh just where number nine was weak

Come on baby tell me uh before we go to sleep

Now darling i ain't lost a game of nine

Since the year can remember when

As i turned out the light you whispered to me...

“i used a number ten”


Yea you did you know you did

Ah huh oh yea...



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