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Mindless Behavior Future lyrics is the 8th song on the album "#1 Girl" by Mindless Behavior. The "Future" lyrics by Mindless Behavior are displayed below.
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Future by Mindless Behavior

[Verse 1]Wish I could drive a whip, take you 'round the cityCruise along the strip, and pick up somethin' pretty for youWish I could pull up to the club with a nice lookin' HarleyBut that might be just a little too earlyIs there a shoppin' mall, take you to the Tahj MahalMaybe the islands, only the finest for youI know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool yaWhat I'm sayin is that girl I gotta-

[Chorus]Future, and when I'm older Imma know just what to do with ya'Cause the futures lookin' bright so come into the lightAnd everything that's wrong I'll make it right, 'cause girlI got a future, girl I got a future.Girl you know I got a future, future, future, girl I gotta future.

[Verse 2]Wish I could meet your mom, we'd settle down easy easyWish that I could tell you that I love you girl I mean it I doWish I could kick it with your friends on a regular basisBut we're from two different worlds, I gotta face itI'm still a boy, and, you need a real manI'm gonna get there, yeah I know I sure canI know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool youWhat I'm saying is that girl I gotta-


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[Verse 3]One day, I'll be older and wiser yeahOne day, I'll be somebody's provider yeahOne day, I'm gonna be able to do, All of those little things I been singing to youOne day, I'll be ballin', drivin 'stead of walkin'Take you where you want and take you shopping in the mall andWhoo! I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool yaWhat I'm sayin' is that girl I gotta-


I got a future, girl, [x3]I got a future! Girl! (Let's get it)

(I got a future!And when I'm older Imma know just what to do with ya!

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