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Forever by Meek Mill

It may not mean nothin to ya'll

I can see it n dey faces dat dey want me to fall

Dey like

Diamond studded yellow bright lit lookin like corona

Ahoma da face blue n yellow like Melo

N my chain multi colors lookin like it's frozen jello

Hello steady eatin money for a meal

Drinkin rosay for a beverage

Let me get some leverage

When I was locked down I was million dollar schemin

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Rolls Royce dreamin microphone feinin

I mean it

Hungry like dis rhymer down n [?]

N I ain't [?]

But god keep me [?]

19 years old n da hole

Watchin my dreams shatter dat all my goals

Don't fade away like 4th quarter past da 23

I go hard like I took viagra before I got the beat


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