Foo Fighters Music Video 'Walk'

Foo Fighters Release the Music Video for Latest Single 'Walk' from their 'Wasting Light' Album Foo Fighters Music Video 'Walk'

The music video for Walk by the Foo Fighters has just been released. The story is a situation frequently depicted these days – stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, getting nowhere, and just had enough. It is typical of the theme of the 1993 film "Falling Down" in which Michael Douglas portrays the angry white male who is pushed to his limits and goes on a fierce rampage.

The music video starts with Dave Grohl, dressed as a city office worker, sitting in his car stuck in halted peak hour traffic. He looks around at the other drivers and sees what is typically seen: a young kid staring at you, other drivers bored or blasting horns, pointless bumper stickers, but loses it after reading a graffiti slogan saying "Punk is dead". He yells abuse at the world, grabs his guitar case, and gets out of his car to walk away.

Ironically he walks across a bridge on which there is not a single car. He tries to phone ahead, but when the battery shows dead, he gives up and throws the phone away. On he walks, reaching a convenience store to ask for change from a note. Of course, no luck because "No Change Given". Frustrated he beats the shop assistant (a fellow Foo) with a sausage and steals the change out of the donation cup. The problems go from bad to worse when he reaches a public phone box that only takes a charge card.

Next he goes to get a bite to eat, but the thin flat burger he receives looks nothing like the mouth-watering treat displayed in the shop's posters. The young man serving (another Foo) cops abuse with a cheese burger slapped to his forehead.

Walking on there are more setbacks – dog droppings get stuck to the sole of his shoe, potential robbing, abuse from golfers…

Eventually he gets to his band rehearsal and concludes with doing what he loves most – singing and playing at ear-drum-splitting volume with a windmill finale.

Thinking it is all over, the police bust in, and taser him, and Dave Grohl is taken away. It was not a good day!

Foo Fighters - "Walk"

Written on Jun 08 2011 by Mike Petryczkowycz (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: foo fighters walk


Emma Aistrop 40p 3 years ago

Still a hilarious video though! Can't wait to get their documentary "Back and Forth" on DVD June 14th either


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