Foo Fighters Conclude Their Whirlwind Tour Of Australia

The Legendary Rockers Please The Crowd With Great Songs, Great Sound, And Great Entertainment On Their Final 'Downunder' Concert Foo Fighters Conclude Their Whirlwind Tour Of Australia

The Foo Fighters concluded their whirlwind tour of Australia with a "blisteringly brilliant" final concert in front of a packed out stadium at the Gold Coast last Saturday night.

Legendary "2011 Godlike Genius Award" winner, Dave Grohl promised an epic gig, and the Foo's delivered!

Fans lined up early to get their front row seats, and none were disappointed. The band has just blasted their way around the Land Downunder over the last twelve days, performing in five capital cities. But not to worry, their final Aussie show showed no signs of any lack of inertia. The sellout crowd of 25,000 at Metricon Stadium was blasted through a huge setlist of eighteen smash hits ending with an encore of a further five.

The night started early, just  after 7pm (the Gold Coast has a 10pm curfew for such events),opening with "Learn To Fly", followed by "All My Life". During the first short break, Dave Grohl egged-on the crowd assuring the crowd that they were in for a "long, loud night." For the next two and half hours, fans heard hit after hit after hit. But more than that, interviews with "Foo Disciples" after the show could not sing their praises high enough. Not only did everyone love the songs and music, fans just loved Dave Grohl's "chats with the crowd" and all the on-stage antics of the band. Comments from concert-goers after the show were full of superlatives - songs great, sound great, music spot on, stage show entertaining. Everyone happy!

Even the weather gods smiled on the show as a huge storm loomed in the west during the afternoon, but moved on leaving good conditions for the outdoor event.

On December 13, the FF's will perform their next concert in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Foo Fighters - Performing  "Walk" at the Gold Coast on 10/12/2011

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