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Big Boi Follow Us lyrics is the 4th song on the album "Sir Lucious Left Foot...the Son Of Chico Dusty" by Big Boi. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Big Boi Prepares for Sophomore Solo Album, Talks Collaborations".
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Follow Us by Big Boi


Everybody's got a pocket full of ends to spend


[Big Boi]

See Picasso couldn't blend put it all together or fit in

I'm like a crocodile walkin 'round with alligator skin

Yes I'm is the product of the ghetto where I lived

Call me Spongebob boy (boy) soaked up game as a little bitty kid

And never been a lame before the fame I was the shit

And now I'm just Big ya dig?




[Neil Garrard]

Why don't you come and find out

What this is all about

I will only say this once

So come and follow us

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[Big Boi]

See we not even gonna play with 'em either

We gon' la-la-lay it down every fuckin time we see 'em

Make the club get crunk yea we them type of people

But wait it's not a sequel no wait it's BB's prequel

The beginnin before the beginnin spend it how you spend it

Then if you sell dope nigga stack it when you get it

Can't trick it or spend it until it's gone

That's slippery business holmes gon' get you a business loan





[Outro: Big Rube]

Now I lay you niggaz down

You already sleep so bitch rest in eternal peace

You still scared of the Boogeyman?

I know you hatin but you know you was a 'Kast and a Goodie fan

Ain't no night light it's light's out

I put these lyrics up your ass so far you never get the mic out

I know who you wanna sound like

With that Fruity Loop bullshit fuck nigga night-night


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