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Follow The Leader by Wisin And Yandel featuring Jennifer Lopez

Ole ole ole

Bori bori bori aha!

Ehhh historico

Ole ole

Don y yandel

Ole ole (quien! ?) ole ole j.lo!

Ole ole


Baby the way that i'm working my body

Can tell that you already like it

I make you lose your cabeza coloca

Baby we don't even need any music

Cause we make the beat when we moving

You know that it's making me hot hot

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We belong to the night we belong to the music

So let's live in the moment of freedom that will get you wild

Let's ignite this fire up across the world we take it up

Let me hear you screaming out loud


When i say go

When i say viva

We'll take it low

Let's lose control

When i say go

We'll get it louder

Let's make it blow

Let's lose control


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