Fleetwood Mac Working on New Material, Planning for 2013 Tour

In an interview with ‘Billboard,’ guitarist Lindsey Buckingham explained that Fleetwood Mac is planning for a 2013 and possibly new material. Fleetwood Mac Working on New Material, Planning for 2013 Tour

Although members of Fleetwood Mac have had more prominent solo careers in the recent years, the seminal rock band has intentions to go on tour – one to start even over the next year – and possibly put out a new release. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, in an interview with Billboard, began talking about his own recent solo career and, through the conversation, shifted to discussion regarding Fleetwood Mac.

Buckingham admits he wanted to get Fleetwood Mac back together this year but waited on Stevie Nicks, who was promoting her own solo effort, In Your Dreams. The guitarist, as well, had his own solo performances – this time, without any other band on stage. His live efforts were captured for digital album Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show.

Buckingham explains that being the only performer on stage felt odd at first, and used technology for the additional guitar parts.

As far as Fleetwood Mac is concerned, Buckingham explained the group will officially announce a series of live tour dates, likely to kick off in April 2013. Buckingham and drummer John McVie also met over the past month to track songs and have since shown them to Nicks. About the possibility of an album, the guitarist said: "We may be able to organize something -- I wouldn't think a whole album, but possibly something before we hit the road or, if not then, possibly something a little more extensive after the tour, depending on what everybody wants to do. The material is quite good, but we have to get everybody on the same page with that, and we'll see where it goes."

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Kristy Tilson 10p 2 years ago

John McVie is not the drummer, He's the bassist! Mick Fleetwood is the drummer!


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