Flashback Friday: Starship "We Built This City"

They might have had a complicated life but the members of Starship knew how to write a hit. Flashback Friday: Starship "We Built This City"

It’s that time again!  For today’s Flashback Friday, let’s look back to this day in 1985 when Starship started their two week run at the top of the charts for their song “We Built This City” (you know you’re already singing it in your head!).

The history of the band up until this point was very confusing.  There was an original band called Jefferson Airplane but it disbanded and some members formed a new group called Jefferson Starship.   Things were decent until the summer of 1984 when the remaining Jefferson Airplane member (Paul Kantner) chose to leave the new band and took legal action to prevent his former bandmates from using “Jefferson” or “Airplane” in their name.  Thus, they dropped the Jefferson and became Starship.

Their album, Knee Deep, was released in October 1985 and among the singles was the #1 hit, “We Built This City” (the album also produced another hit – “Sara”).  The album went on to go platinum and reached as high as the #7 spot.

About a year and a half later, they had another chart-topper, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” which was used on the soundtrack for the movie, Mannequin.

Some fans have wondered over the years if Starship was referring to a real city with “We Built This City” but it seems they were deliberately vague in their lyrics, making it possible that they were talking about San Franciso, New York City and even Cleveland.

The video is full of the kind of cheesiness that could only be found in the 1980s.  Enjoy the flashback and have a great weekend!

Written on Nov 16 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: jefferson airplane jefferson starship starship


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