Flashback Friday: Michael Jackson "Black or White"

This week's Flashback Friday takes us back to the end of 1991 for this memorable track. Flashback Friday: Michael Jackson "Black or White"

In November of 1991, Michael Jackson released “Black or White,” the first single off of his eighth studio album, Dangerous.  The single because the effort’s most successful and, on this day that year, it started a seven-week run in the #1 spot on the US Singles Billboard chart.  The song, which was his 12th solo #1 hit, was also in the top spot in the United Kingdom.

In March 1991, Sony offered Jackson a record-breaking $65 million deal to renew his contract and, as of 2008, more than 32 million copies of Dangerous had been sold worldwide.  Presumably, that number is significantly higher since the King of Pop’s death.

“Black or White” was written and composed by Michael Jackson with the rap segments being added by Bill Bottrell.  Since Teddy Riley was one of the album’s co-producers, he was able to convince Jackson to feature a rapper on his album for the first time, partly because Riley was already so involved with the “New Jack Swing” style.  Fortunately, it was a good thing since Jackson’s fans clearly loved it.

Following the single’s success, Jackson released “Remember the Time,” (the music video featured Eddie Murphy and supermodel, Iman, and some great special effects!).

In 1992, "Black or White" was named the year’s best-selling single worldwide at the Billboard Music Awards.

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