Fergie Talks to Oprah About Her Days on Crystal Meth

The extremely successful singer opens up about a much darker period in her life.. Fergie Talks to Oprah About Her Days on Crystal Meth

The sole female member of the Black Eyed Peas sat down with Oprah and talked about what her life was like just about a decade ago and, really, it was really interesting. 

Fergie talked about her days in the girl group, Wild Orchid, and how their style began to be far from what she wanted for herself.  She turned to drugs as a way of coping since she said she didn’t know how to tell them that she needed to do something else.

In the promotional clip, it was incredible to hear her talking about the paranoia she felt while she was taking crystal meth and how her fear that the FBI were after her ultimately led to her recovery.  She admitted that she had been taking the drug daily and had whittled down to a paltry 90 pounds. 

She considers herself fortunate that she was only using meth for about a year but said it was long enough for her to realize that her brain had started to play tricks on her.  She credits therapy, soul searching and a deep connection with her higher power for getting her through the rough times.

It’s really amazing and, I’m sure, inspiring to drug users that she has turned her life around and is in one of the most successful groups in the world. 

Here’s a clip from the interview with Oprah:

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