Family Friend Responsible for Usher Stepson's Accident?

The heartbreaking news about the little boy continues to worsen as details emerge. Family Friend Responsible for Usher Stepson's Accident?

By now, you’ve probably heard this very sad story but, just in case, here’s a quick recap.  Yesterday, reports started coming in about 11-year-old Kile Glover, the son of Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster.  While enjoying a summer’s day in Georgia, he was involved in a terrible accident and, while he does remain on life support in an Atlanta hospital, he has been declared brain dead

Now, of course, authorities and family members are trying to figure out exactly what happened and it is now being reported that Usher’s friend, Jeffrey S. Hubbard, is under investigation.

Hubbard was identified as the person who was operating a jet ski when it collided with Glover and a 15-year-old girl while they were at Lake Lanier. 

Sgt. Mike Burgamy provided more details about the horrific accident:  "Basically, a pontoon was pulling two juveniles on an inner tube, and the watercraft ran over the top of them..One minute the jet ski was running around, the next he ran over the top of them. It happened that quickly. It appears the watercraft did strike both juveniles, with the male taking the brunt of the force."

It was also revealed that two Department of Natural Resources rangers had witnessed the accident and that alcohol is not considered a factor and no charges have been filed.

Glover is the half-brother of the two little boys Usher shares with Foster, whom he divorced in 2009.

Written on Jul 09 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: usher


Magdalena Herrerra 10p 2 years ago

My heart goes out to Tameka Foster your two boys and Usher . What happened was truely unfare and no mother, or siblings should have to go through life having to experiance the emotions and heart ache. I myself am a mother with six kids and two of my boys are about the same age as your son.I know you dont know me but from one mother to another their must be a lot of what if's or I should of been there but let me say this Tameka this may seem odd to you what I am about to say but you were there. Every day when he woke up and even when he went to his first day of school remember moms are always there,their in there hearts remember he came from you momma and that heart that is inside of him is you. I cant say what the future holds for you but before I go I just want to say is that God Bless stay strong and live well. And to his siblings take time to let your momma and each other know how special each other are and always remember hugs are always good no matter what time it is

From1Mother 2Another


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