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Fall Into You by Evanescence

Fall Into You

David Hodges feat. Amy Lee


Seems so far

That i have gone down this road

Only to find that it ends

But lookin' back

There is one thing that I know

I can't make it all alone again


'Cause im too weak to stand on my own

But all I need is you



So lead me

Guide me

Hold me

Hide me in love

With all that you are

And all that you do

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Hear me

Take me

Mold me

Break me, oh God

Just fill all of me

As i fall Into you


Just catch me as I fall

But all this time

I have felt so alone

Losing myself in my despair

With loving arms

You were waiting for me to let go

With every step

You were there


'Cause I'm too weak to stand on my own

When all i need is you




Oh my child

How i have longed

For you to come home

To where you belong

All of your life

If you could just see

All of my joy

When you are here with me (X2)


Hear me Take me

Mold me

Break me, oh god

Just fill all of me

As I fall into you

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