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Fall 4 'u by Chad Valley

I think im gonna be undercover for too long

Ive got a million things to solve and you are one

Its gotten bad but i meant to do no wrong

[setting out?] the ways that i did you wrong that i did you wrong


I dont expect the truth

I only know theres you

I dont want to be down

It makes me sad to lie


I know your wheels are in motion

Love feels like such a commotion

Everyone is moving somewhere new

I never wanna be [somewhere/with someone?] i dont trust

I never knew that i would ever be this loved

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You dont know what else is a-comin

Try to stop these things that are [happenin?]

One day i will feel this just like you

And im going faster than you are

Trying to stop [and?] im going too far

Everyone is moving somewhere new


It doesnt matter where youre gonna be im still with you

And [?] thinking bout the things i knew

Lets make a promise not to say what else is on our minds

Its better still knowing that i still [gets you?]


Knowing that these things are true

Knowing that i still love you

And i still have feelings too


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