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Fake Heat by Water Liars

There's a movie on the tv about a city of lost children

They're speaking all in spanish but i don't give a care

'cause we are going at it hot and heavy


The bed is just a mattress on the floor so we are low down

The dog is real excitable she don't seem to like this

So i'm waiting for the bite upon my backside

I'm waiting for the bite upon my backside


And earlier she told me flat out she would not kiss me and now here we are

And i was just beginning to think she was all talk until she turned out the light

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And oh how hungrily

Oh how desperately she looks at me


Next time i go over there's some condoms in the garbage

With a letter from her father and she's naked on the bed

And loneliness is just the path we walk


Why then did i tell her i never see my mother

And for many years my father has been dead

Why then do i call her when i really do not want her

She notices i rearranged my bed


And oh how hungrily

Oh how desperately she looks at me


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