Face to Face Release 'Laugh Now, Laugh Later'

American Punk Rockers Face to Face Release their Latest Album 'Laugh Now, Laugh Later' Face to Face Release 'Laugh Now, Laugh Later'

American pop-punk band, Face to Face, is about to release their seventh studio album "Laugh Now, Laugh Later". Having had somewhat of a tumultuous time over the past few years, with an official split in late 2004, the guys have been back together since April 2008 performing at live gigs and have gone back to the studio for this latest offering. Due out on 17 May, the album is their first new release in almost a decade. Having individually played with numerous other bands during their split, groups including Legion of Doom and The Offspring, the punk-rockers have probably experimented enough with other projects to now get their minds focused on their own direction.

Front-man Trever Keith recently said that the group had a lot of incentive to create this latest album. Since they re-formed in 2008, he said that they had been playing all their classic material and were now ready to move forward. Since early 2010 Trever and bass player, Scott Shiflett, have been busy writing new material which has culminated in this latest offering.

Various critics have been impressed with the live performances of the band. There are bands and there are bands, but Face to Face have that special magic of an energetic performance combined with a singer who knows how to convey real meaning in his vocals. Trever Keith seems to sing from the heart. It is no wonder that Face to Face are such a favourite.

All of their new tracks are full of rapid guitar riffs with energetic vocals to match.

At the aol website one is able to listen to each of the tracks on the new album in full.

The Face to Face Official Website contains the latest information about the punk rockers.

Face to Face - "Should Anything Go Wrong" (AUDIO)

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