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"Extraordinary" Video Review

Here's finally the Music Video for the new Mandy Moore single titled "Extraordinary" which premiered recently. As you know Mandy is going for a new sound with this new album. This is the first material where she has fully collab in the writing of all the songs.

Now about the new single, i really like it! I think it's a fantastic song, i'm totally feeling her new sound, it's very relaxing and like she's said, it's the true Mandy.

Mandy Moore's music video "Extraordinary" features multiple Mandys, as in multiple personalities, a device that originated with Mariah Carey and Madonna. MTV reports that Mandy's multiple personalities include:

Her characters include a hippie chick, a rocker chick, a '50s housewife and, strangely enough, Amelia Earhart. "She's kind of the hero," Moore explained. "She's the Mandy that makes the move to jump off the tower and be extraordinary." Could be an extraordinary disaster in the making — or just what Mandy needs to make a multiple comeback..

Finally, remember her new album "Wild Hope" hits stores on June 19th!



David King 273p 2 years ago

It seems authenticviews.c()m has been become too much famous among all the popular Singers around the World ),,


Sanaz Shahabi 10p 4 years ago

not bad but I don't enjoy of song



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Mandy Moore - Extraordinary