Evanescence Plans to Release New Album in October

Reformed and just finished recording, Evanescence is planning to release a new album, their first in five years, in October. Evanescence Plans to Release New Album in October

Dormant for the past five years, Goth-pop band Evanescence has since regrouped and is planning a new release for October, their first in five years. The time in between this new recording and The Open Door, however, has been a mix of breakups, hiatuses, and scrapping tracks. After touring for album The Open Door, singer Amy Lee took a break for 18 months and, after that point, began writing songs and working with producer Steve Lillywhite, who known for his recordings with U2.

With an electronic sound, the tracks Lee did with Lillywhite were scrapped or retooled after she realized the recording was beginning to take shape as a solo record. Lee told Billboard: "I just sort of took off and didn't know what I was going to do next and wasn't sure if the Evanescence thing would happen again or when it would. I ended up falling back in love with Evanescence again and wanted to work with the guys, and it became more of a group project."

After regrouping, Evanescence began working with producer Nick Raskulinecz, who has previously worked with the Foo Fighters. The new sessions made Evanescence start to seem like a group effort again. Lee mentioned to in April: "We took the best songs we had, added more, and reworked them as a group. They're stronger than before... when it was more one-dimensional. My favorite records that came out recently were from Alice In Chains and the Deftones – and [Rasculinecz] produced both. We love working with him – he makes it so fun."

More recently, Lee continued this sentiment in her interview with Billboard: "The process has been much more of a collaboration between the whole band. Usually, it's me and one main co-writer ... this time everybody had something to do with it from the ground up. ... The way everyone is playing strong, it's like we've been playing the songs on tour for a year."

Since reforming, former guitarist Troy McLawhorn, who left Evanescence in 2008 for Seether, returned earlier this year. Prior to rejoining with his former bandmates, however, McLawhorn quit Seether. Additionally, as only mixing needs to be done for the still-untitled album, Evanescence plans to tour Europe for three weeks in support of their release.

Written on Jun 21 2011 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: evanescence


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