Evanescence 'My Heart Is Broken' Music Video

The US Rockers Release A Dark Video With An Almost Supernatural Theme, Showcasing The Lead Singer's Incredible Voice Evanescence 'My Heart Is Broken' Music Video

Evanescence has just released the music video for My Heart Is Broken.

The video shows the band playing, with lead singer, Amy Lee, taking most of the screen time as she moves from scene to scene within an almost supernatural theme. She has a magnificent voice. She sings the lyrics with such power, her performance is epic.

The music video begins with the drums and keyboards playing, as the camera pans over Amy Lee dressed in a formal outfit befitting a scene from Wuthering Heights. She is lying down, looking away as she sings, "...  torn away from you". From this very first moment, the tone of the song and video is almost eerie, but one cannot mistake the incredible power of her voice. It is remarkable.  

The scenes alternate between shots of the band playing and scenes of Amy Lee holding a brilliant light source in various settings - some indoors, some in a field. As she moves the light around, it leaves a brilliant luminous trail. Some of the later scenes show backdrops that magically appear after she waves the light around. The video concludes within a room "created" by the magic light. A large framed mirror hanging on the wall shows Amy's reflection as she approaches.  As she sings, "Deliver us from sorrow's hold", she touches the mirror and just like her heart being broken, the same happens to the mirror.

"My Heart Is Broken" is the second single to come off their self-titled third studio album, which they released last October.

A heart being broken is not a happy event. The video reflects the dark sombre mood.

"My Heart Is Broken" is a magnificent, powerful song.

Evanescence - "My Heart Is Broken"

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