Emeli Sande Discusses Possible New Album

At the recent Mojos, Emeli Sande discussed possible follow-up material, including an album and collaborations. Emeli Sande Discusses Possible New Album

Emeli Sande’s debut album, Our Version of Events, went to No. 1 on the U.K. charts this year. So, naturally, it makes sense that, at the recent Mojos, she discussed her plans for a follow up.

At the awards ceremony, she explained that she is working on new material that could become an album or something else. In talking about potential releases, she said: "Maybe an EP before the album but I'm just excited because I've got so many ideas and I've been writing a lot."

The new release could feature collaborations. Sande expressed interest in working with Kanye West, Labrinth, and Calvin Harris. Although the first two haven’t hinted at working with the singer, Harris has indicated he wants to collaborate.

On the other hand, Sande has been offered other opportunities, such as songwriting, but has had to turn them down in order to focus on what could become a sophomore album.

The singer, as well, has expressed she plans to take a similar approach as that for her debut – no pressure to put the release together. She said: "The way I wrote the first album was with no expectation and that's the kind of mindset I need to get into for the second one."

What do you think Sande should do for her sophomore release – or for more material, for that matter? Who would you like to see her collaborate with?

Written on Nov 05 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: emeli sande


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