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  • Ellen Degeneres
    by Lil B | Rating: -

    ... out to Ellen Degeneres feel me? Swag! Lil B [Hook] Ellen Degeneres (swag!) Ellen Degeneres (woo!) [Verse 1] I feel like Ellen Right hand Ellen Big blank rang ... out chain Ellen Degeneres you're so generous Everybody shows up everybody loves you 30 thousand Showtime 20 thousand maybe Ellen Degeneres: mamis go ...

  • Everyday
    by Crooked I | Rating: -

    ... I keep a Glock I be telling degenerates It'll eat you pussies quick as Ellen DeGeneres I mix drinks like a hell ...

  • Tech N9Ne Album Cover
    by Tech N9Ne | Rating: -

    ... homegirl i entered is I'm down even if its ellen degenerous I'ma clown the punana Pound the pupan Hate it ...

  • ... MISS AMERICA like Ali Landry Cause you get OUTED like Ellen Degeneres Cobras refuse to battle me cause to them my pen ...

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