Ed Sheeran Worked With Three Producers, Wrote 70 Songs for Sophomore Album

Speaking about his upcoming album at the Grammys, Ed Sheeran discussed working with three producers. Ed Sheeran Worked With Three Producers, Wrote 70 Songs for Sophomore Album

Ed Sheeran continues to touch briefly on his upcoming sophomore album and did just that at the recent Grammy ceremony. Speaking with Billboard, the red-headed singer spoke about working with multiple producers.

Although Sheeran didn’t mention a title or a release date, he talked about working with three producers. This involved recording all tracks with them and then selecting the best ones for the album. About how that worked, he told reporters: "I did some with Rick Rubin. I did some with Jake (Gosling) who I did the first album with. And I did some with Pharrell."

Sheeran previously spoke to MTV about working with Rubin, comparing the process and the producer’s influence to making a pizza.

But even though three producers helped him, the release will still have one continuous theme, he revealed: "There's a thread that goes through the whole thing so it's kind of the same."

Sheeran went to further describe the songwriting and recording process to Billboard. Specifically, he put together demos for 70 songs, but only 12 were recorded and will be on the album.

Sheeran’s still-untitled sophomore release follows 2011’s + -- his major label breakthrough after five self-recorded EPs. The release reached No. 5 on the Billboard 200, eventually going platinum, and No. 1 on the U.K. Albums chart.

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