Ed Sheeran Gives More Details About Sophomore Album

After remaining vague for close to a year, Ed Sheeran gave a few more details about his upcoming sophomore album. Ed Sheeran Gives More Details About Sophomore Album

Last week, Ed Sheeran promised more details about his sophomore album, expected to come out some point in 2014. Previously, the singer had been intentionally vague or facetious, talking about hip-hop and death metal influences.

Instead, this afternoon, the red-headed singer went on Zane Lowe’s BBC 1 radio program and began talking about getting on a clearer path with producer Rick Rubin. While Sheeran spoke about Rubin’s influences, including a lengthy history of rock albums, the point that stuck out the most was the producer’s pizza metaphor for creating music. Sheeran explained: "With a recording, if you view a recording as a pizza, the main part of a pizza is the base, and without the base and the tomato sauce on it, you can't build anything on that. So the base is the live performance. So you perform it live with an acoustic guitar, however you want to do it, and record that as the main track.”

He then went onto explain how this adds variety to the tracks themselves: "And then after is when you sprinkle the cheese on, you put a bit of bass on it, you put on herbs, i.e. drums, then you put on some pepperoni if you're into that. Some songs are the margheritas, some songs are the four cheese ones; it differs."

At the same time the singer gave a few more details about the release, a U.K. tour was announced for October 2014. He’ll be playing a string of dates that lasts through the entire month. 

Written on Jan 06 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: ed sheeran rick rubin


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