Duran Duran Considering New Album

Performing in an Olympics-related concert this evening, Duram Duran revealed they are starting work on a new album in 2013. Duran Duran Considering New Album

With New Order on the road and Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode getting albums ready, Duran Duran is keeping up with its 1980s contemporaries. On tour for roughly the past two years in support of 2010 release All You Need Is Now, Duran Duran are performing on Friday, July 27 in an Olympic-related event in Hyde Park and, in 2013, are returning to the studio to record another album.

Their performance this evening is scheduled around the opening ceremony, and sharing the bill with the “Hungry Like The Wolf” act are Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, and Paolo Nutin. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, the group’s John Taylor stated about the performance: "We’ve never done a gig with more stress around it, in terms of timing and being on stage and connecting with what is happening on the other side of London. This is high-concept."

Before each performance, Taylor revealed, Duran Duran does an improvisational jam session, which is recorded. Material from such sessions ends up on albums. Taylor said: "Maybe the jam we did last night in France will turn into a song for our new album. But mostly we preserve that experience. It’ll be like, ‘Feb. 1, everyone is all in. Go. What’s the key? What’s the tempo?’"

Unlike their hit days, Taylor mentioned, Duran Duran feels like it can have more creative freedom and that their best releases are still to come: "We treasure our initial creative writing sessions. They’re free-for-alls. […] We went through a period in the late ‘80s where we were looking backwards, thinking, ‘We’ll never top our early work.’ But we have a lot of confidence these days."

Written on Jul 27 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: duran duran all you need is now olympics


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