Drugs and Paraphernalia Found All Over Justin Bieber’s Mansion During Raid

During the raid of Justin Bieber’s mansion last week, detectives allegedly saw drugs and paraphernalia all over but, because of a search warrant, couldn’t seize any. Drugs and Paraphernalia Found All Over Justin Bieber’s Mansion During Raid

Remember last week when L.A. Police detectives raided Justin Bieber’s mansion after the pop star threw eggs at a neighbor’s home and allegedly did $20,000 worth of damage? While the police at the time were looking for surveillance footage from the singer’s security system, sources claim that Bieber’s Calabasas mansion had drugs and drug paraphernalia in plain sight.

TMZ reported that a source came forward with the information. Apparently, police supposedly saw two cookie jars filled with marijuana, four or five empty codeine bottles, “swisher sweets” cigars, and three bongs. Styrofoam cups with drawings and names on them – indicating someone else used them – may have been used for drinking sizzurp, as well as various empty pineapple Fanta bottles.

Additionally, the sources claim Bieber’s friends at the mansion went into the “smoking room,” which supposedly has hookahs and other smoking paraphernalia, and began flushing things down the toilet.

Since the initial story broke, TMZ followed it up, going into more detail about Bieber’s sizzurp usage. Apparently, the singer goes about the highest-quality codeine syrup out there – Actavis prometh with codeine, which goes for $800 per pint – and drinks about eight to 12 ounces per day.

Police didn’t seize any of the drugs or paraphernalia because the warrant was specifically for investigating the egg throwing incident. However, rapper Lil Za was arrested for having what initially appeared to be cocaine in his room; it was later shown to be ecstasy or Xanax. 

Written on Jan 21 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: justin bieber lil za


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