Dropkick Murphys Releasing New Album in January

The Dropkick Murphys are releasing a follow-up to their 2011 record ‘Going Out in Style’ in January 2013. Dropkick Murphys Releasing New Album in January

The Dropkick Murphys’ 2011 effort, Going Out in Style, was a concept album, which, while the Boston act considers it one of the best of their career, was restricting, in some senses. Their follow-up, planned for a January 2013 release, is a looser effort.

Titled Signed and Sealed in Blood, their latest release is both a continuation and a divergence from Going Out. In speaking with Billboard, bassist Ken Casey called it: "almost a reaction to its predecessor."

But, while Signed and Sealed breaks away from the concept format, its sounds reflect Going Out’s, maintaining the same upbeat, party vibe. Casey called it: "just us having fun and making the most catchy, singalong kind of songs we can. It's not that the last album wasn't fun. It was. 'Going Out in Style' is one of the records I'm most proud of, of anything we've done. But it gave me a couple migraines along the way, getting through that because everything was so connected. This time we cut loose."

Part of the continuation is using the same producer, Ted Hutt. At this point, Hutt has produced enough for the Murphys that Casey considers him a regular member of the band.

Signed and Sealed was recorded at Q Division Studios in the greater Boston area, and is being released through the group’s own Born & Bred Records. Fans, apparently, have been getting a taste of new tracks on the band’s latest tour. Additionally, the Dropkick Murphys are hitting the road in support of Signed for three weeks, starting in Michigan on October 29.

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